Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sawyer has recently taken a liking to Holley the purple female spy car in Cars 2.
It shocked me one day when he points to the TV and said, “Holl-eey!” It took me 5 minutes to figure out he wanted to watch Cars 2, which we don’t even own.
Shocked because he still doesn’t say many words and he had only seen the movie 2 times (one of which was in June)! We had recently borrowed it from the library.
You might even call it a crush of sorts. He smiles and says it kinda shyish. So cute, that I would have bought him Holley if she would have been available for sale at the store the other day. I have heard she is very hard to find.
He had to settle for Fin McMissle (whom Hudson was thrilled with) instead. Let’s just say, He was not as pleased to get McMissle. But after seeing his brothers have no problem with the blue-gray male super spy, he thinks he should be the one and only to keep him.
And I guess that works for now. But it wont forever, because every time he asks for Holley I just tell him to look for McMissle and he just cocks his head to the side and turns up his little mouth and says, “k”.

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