Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Park

Ever been to the park with 3 boys, er, and a girl?!
Some simple reasons I love the park:
It is never dull
Easy entertainment
Cheap entertainment (I like cheap!)
Exhuasts excess energy in a positive way (usually)
Always a good bribe for getting chores done
Close by,
My boys can yell and be boisterous, and get dirty, and well... be boys!

For all the above reaseons, Friday after chores we went to the park. Plus, the weather was sunny and warm and we thought we would take advantage of it while it lasted.

After riding scooters and bikes, sliding, and running around like crazy boys do at the park, the older boys preceded to dig and play near the horse shoe pits. At this point, Sawyer finally detached himself from my side (sigh!) and meandered over to them. He loves dirt and digging. After all, He's a boy. (Uh, if your boy doesn't like doing these things, sorry for the generalization in your case!)

I should mention the forementioned activities were done without Sawyer. He could be found clenched tight to my side in fear of the dogs, which for once there were none of. Perhaps I will share that story another time.

I am sitting on the park bench at this point because Pinterest has called my name over and over and over all day long. I think, Yes! kids are playing, I am pinning! I should know better because soon Sawyer is scared again and running my way and the other two boys are hollering. Just when this is happening some girls from the ward show up with their kids/nephews. As the boys are engrossed one of the little kids, L becomes interested too! And Sawyer finally detached himself once again when the "mole" seemed to be less of a threat.

Dialogue goes something like this, "
Boys: "Mom, Mom, there is a MOLE over here. "
Me: "A MOle?"
B: "Yep a mole", "Yep and he is digging the dirt"
Me: "Are you sure it is a mole?"
L: " A mole?! I want to see a mole!"
ME: "Me too. "I bet it is a gopher though."
B: "It's black mom, it cant be a gopher, cuz they aren't black."
Me: "Ok, but are you sure? Let's watch and see."
B: "Ok but it was popping his head out of the hole and it was black."
L: "Can I watch? I want to see a mole, or a gopher!"

It soon bopped his head out again several times as the boys watched from a gravel pile a couple yards away. We determined it was a gopher, even though it wasn't black, since it didn't have long claws and you could see its eyes. Plus it kept bopping its little head up and back in the hole.
Hafen says, :"Hey it's just like whack-a-mole!"

The boys laughed and laughed. And I laughed and laughed too!
Pretty much. But soon the gopher was scared and the boys spent a good 40 minutes watching and waiting and then digging for the gopher. It never resurfaced. Can you blame it?

Like I said, the park is never dull.


Veronica Haley said...

That is so cute :) Your boys are just cute!

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