Thursday, December 15, 2011

Year in Review

As I was attempting chores today, I contemplated the last year and wondered where it all went. A lot has transpired in 12 months for our family and I am trying to remember the small things as well as the larger events. I am often reminded of how a blog can be a journal. I am not sure that I have anything that anyone else would ever desire to read about. Yet my children are my life right now, and they are so worth writing about, although a main reason I don’t. Last night I vowed to start scheduling things, even simple things. As I write this I am thinking of a person I know who is very task oriented. She makes a list and she sticks to it. Sometimes she is criticized and looked at as an unfeeling person, but I really know she fulfills her goals she has written each day. I really appreciate that about her.

Here are some larger events that transpired this year for us:
Sawyer turned 1, and learned to walk (2 months before Sayla was born…I cheered!)
After 7+ years, Cory entered his last semester of school. Hurray!
Cory received a job opportunity in Battle Mountain in April.
Sayla was born in April.
Cory moved to Battle Mountain in May to start his new job, while the kids and I stayed in Caliente.
We blessed Sayla the first part of June.
Cory graduated in May! I cheered inside more than outside!
We put our house up for sale.
Hudson turned 4 and we celebrated by going to Cars 2 in St. George (big event at our house, since we never go to the movies).
Atteneded the Petersen Family Reunion
Hafen turned 6 and we celebrated by going to Battle Mountain and bowling in Winnemucca!
Hafen started 1st grade in August in Caliente and again in Battle Mountain in September.
We moved to Battle Mountain in September.
Cory started a new job in December.

Some of the smaller events:
Fathers and sons outing, girls weekend for me, 2 baby showers (a big thanks to you girls, I have only bought 4 small packages of diapers for Sayla thus far), lots of playing at the park in Caliente and Battle Mountain, celebrating the 4th of July in Caliente, finding a house to rent in Battle Mountain, Hafen finally enjoying school, Sayla rolls over, attempts to pull herself around, and sleeps through the night occasionally. Buy a bunny. Bunny dies the next day. Feed geese and ducks frequently at the park near here. Celebrate pioneer day with my parents, Vera surprises us in Elko for Cory’s graduation, spoke and sang in church as a family where Hudson gave his first talk in sacrament, Sawyer learns new words, climbs stairs, sleeps in a bed, loves monster trucks, playing in dirt and water, Hudson learning letters, took swimming lessons, and made new friends. We sleep the first night in the rental on a cold floor and froze all night, labor day celebration and hike, Hafen and the shovel incident, graduates kindergarten, Hafen has a part in the Missoula Children’s theatre, makes new friends, plays t-ball, swimming lessons; multiple scratches and crash landings on the floor for Sayla, multiple drives to St. George and Battle Mountain, celebrate Halloween with 2 ninjas, a giraffe, and a piglet, celebrate 7 years of married bliss, and I am sure I am missing some.

We had loads of large blessings and countless small miracles this year.

I am hoping next year I will eat less, criticize, yell and ignore less, sit less, make excuses less, be less irritable, less negative and less lazy blog more, exercise more, read more, be more positive, work more, cheer, praise, love, and have more hope.

I will post some pictures later.

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